News July 2007

  • Life Force Yoga to Manage Your Mood

    by Greg Vellner, published July 14, 2007 on and in the Trenton Times

    So severe was her depression, Amy Weintraub couldn’t do the simplest things.

    She was unable to put two shoes in a shoe box. She couldn’t close a folding chair. Finding the right words was sometimes impossible. And then there was the check book.

    “Once, instead of sending the amount on the invoice I was paying for my health insurance, I sent the entire balance of my checking account,” she says.

    Like scores of others — 121 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization — Weintraub was clinically depressed. And like many of those sufferers, she was put on an antidepressant medication — probably for life, her psychiatrist told her.

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