News January 2011

  • EAST MEETS WEST - With roots in ancient India, modern yoga trains both mind and body

    By Jeff Weber – Staff Writer
    Home News Tribune and Courier News and, January 4, 2011

    Yoga isn’t the new kid on the block in exercise and fitness circles. It isn’t even the old kid. With roots in India dating back thousands of years, yoga is the ancient kid.

    And like a fine wine, yoga … which loosely translated means "unite’’ and focuses on the combined well-being of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs … continues to get better, and more popular, with age.

    That has been the philosophy of the Princeton Center for Yoga & Health, 50 Vreeland Drive in Skillman, since it opened in 1996. Originally geared toward residents of the Princeton area, the center now serves residents from all across Central Jersey … especially Middlesex and Somerset counties.

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